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The Family Printing Press

Among The Stars

Among The Stars

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Lustre Paper
Also known as semi-gloss. This gives the print a partial matte and a partial gloss to balance sheen/reflection & dull/flat.
Archival Ink
Archival ink is permanent, non-fading and resistant to light. It does not fade due to heat and water.
It contains no impurities that can affect the permanence of paper or images.
Frames are custom made for each order. Each of our framing options offer different accents to the artwork.
Adds about 2 inches all around
Thin frames offer a traditional and sleek look to your order.
Adds about 1 inch all around
A beveled frame has slight ridging to it to give a more elegant or dynamic look.
Adds about 2 inches all around
Wide frames give a bold and timeless look making it great for center or statement pieces.
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